Argentium Silver Hooks

I custom-make these argentium silver hooks to suit each pair of dangles. Most are designed to allow dangles to be inter-changed with ease.

Argentium sterling silver has dramatically better tarnish resistance than standard sterling and is much more durable. Argentium contains 93.5% Fine silver, 5.5% Copper & 1% Germanium, significantly altering the alloy's properties.

It's advantages over Sterling include:
* Tarnish Resistant - a light dusting or occasional wipe with a soft cloth are all you need       to do to keep it's shine. The resistance actually increases over time.
* Resistant to dents, scratches and abrasion.
* Better for the environment - because it doesn't develop firescale (a reddish patina)           when heated which eliminates processes that use hazardous materials needed to strip     firescale from standard sterling materials.