** Zodiac Background Silkscreen
Plume by Cheryl

** Zodiac Background Silkscreen

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Design area measures 9.5cm x 12.5cm

These beautiful silkscreens are made in the USA by Tonja Lenderman, and I'm lucky enough to be her exclusive Australian supplier! 

They are designed with polymer clay in mind, but can be used on nearly any flat surface you can paint.  Compatible with paints, chalks, mica powders, glass etch cream, ink pads, alcohol ink pads and pens, extra-fine embossing powders, just to name a few! 

Reusable and reversible, with the proper care and storage your silk screen will last for many years.  Immediately after each use, gently wash the silkscreen in cool running water or place it in a shallow container of cool water so the paint does not dry and clog the openings in the screen, until you have time to actually wash and dry it.  Allow it to dry before using again or storing.  I store mine (I have quite a lot!) in A5 plastic sleeves, in a ring-binder. 

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